Landscape Consultancy Services in Westchester

Consultations are available for both new and current clients, at an hourly rate to review the entire landscape program, trees, shrubs, mulching, watering programs, and I.P.M. programs. With over 100 years of combined experience, we can help you create an effective landscape care plan. Components that need to be analyzed include mowing practices, watering, mulching, soil testing, shrub and tree analysis, root feeding, lawn fertilizing plans, and reviewing the actual sprinkler system and programming a proper watering schedule. Sprinkler review also includes review of critical components such as rain sensors and back-flow protection.
Frank C. Buddingh Tree Consultancy- we work in conjunction with Frank Buddingh on tree issues that require in depth analysis and treatment by an internationally known and highly sought after consulting arborist. Frank Buddingh has offices worldwide but calls Westchester his home, fortunately for us and our clients ! You can schedule a very reasonable consult with Frank, his advice pays for itself, and quite often saves trees that are in decline. Why wait for that to happen ? Book a consult with Frank to keep your trees healthy before disease sets in. Click here to go right to his website or call him at 914-833-8857