Organic Lawn, Shrub, & Tree Spray Service in Westchester

Nature's Rain is your source for organic lawn, shrub & tree spray services in Westchester & Greenwich. Our certified arborists strive to give you the greenest, healthiest lawn without harming the environment.
Organic Lawn Spraying Services - Nature's Rain Organic Lawn Care Inc in Yonkers, NY

Reduced-Chemical & Totally Organic Lawn, Shrub and Tree Spray Programs

Regardless of which program you choose, your property will always receive our famous feeding program that includes over 20 nutrients and soil amendments that actually help feed your trees, as well as the lawn. Our reduced-chemical program includes our famous feeding, tick and mosquito control, weed control, insect control, crabgrass control, and grub control.

Shrub & Ornamental Tree Spray Programs

Our comprehensive Tree and Shrub spray program helps control insects, mites, disease, and fungal problems on your valuable shrubs and trees. A foliar fertilizer helps them to grow strong and vibrant. A New York State certified and ISA-certified arborist performs all work, results are immediate and effective.

Tick Control- Insect Control- Lyme Disease Concerns

Help keep your family and pets safer with our tick and mosquito control services. See our Lyme Disease Tab above for more info !

Root Feeding

Let us keep your landscapes healthy and disease free. Root feeding provides more than 20 nutrients with or without a systemic insecticide that overcomes deficiencies and controls soil-inhabiting or internal insects that may harm your plants.
Yard with Plants - Nature's Rain Organic Lawn Care Inc in Yonkers, NY
Protect your landscape without hurting the environment. Contact us to request a free estimate.